Just as the title say's. Lately I have been having trouble on the highway because of my transmission slipping. It slips around 50-60mph, and will go back and forth inbetween the gears. Also when I come to a complete stop it acts like it wants to stall out sometimes. It will drop to 700RPM at a complete stop and hover around there until you press the gas and go. Everytime it does shift, it shifts around 2k. I also notice if you sit in park, then immediately shift it to drive, then to reverse, the car will kind of shake as you go from reverse to drive (vice versa). Now I know the fluid is getting kind of dirty, but it is still full. I don't think the trans filter has ever been changed in the car. (it has 97k on it) Besides from those two things what could be wrong with it? Just to also let you alll know I had a SLP MAF (Without knowing) on the car. It was on there for a year or so always throwing codes. I bought a stock MAF and put that on like 5 months ago, and cleared all the codes. I heard that the SLP MAF will change the way a trans shifts because of the airflow that it is reading compaired to what your computer is saying? Or something like that. I just wonder if that old MAF could have some cause to this problem too. Oh yeah I also heard that TC can also be a cause of it? Missfires etc too...If it is missfiring then what would those symptoms be like? Anyways any help is all good, and appreciated..thanks!