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Transmission pan leak

This is a discussion on Transmission pan leak within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Ok, I have a 700R4 in my '85 Impala. The transmission pan has had an annoying one drop leak for ...

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    Transmission pan leak


    I have a 700R4 in my '85 Impala. The transmission pan has had an annoying one drop leak for about a month. The old gasket was obviously shot so I decided to replace it. Unbolted the pan, drained the fluid, cleaned off all the old gasket material and put the new gasket on (looks like it's made of rubber. Got it from O'Reilly autoparts) and bolted the pan back on. Refilled with 4 quarts of fluid. two days later, it's leaking again. Drop here. Drop there. Figured I didn't tighten the bolts up enough, so torqued them some more. Still leaks. Put in some Prestone ATF Stop leak. Checked it tonight. Still leaks. Looked underneath and can see the edge of the gasket is wet with fluid. I checked the fluid level after I got home (30 minute drive) and it isn't overfilled, so that's not it. The pan didn't look damaged or warped. My next option is either a new OEM style Steel pan (with drain plug) or a B&M Chrome Steel Deep Pan (with drain plug)I found at Pepboys. With either pan, the drain plug will make future fluid changes easier. The Deep pan comes with a gasket that is probably of a higher quality than the one I got from O'Reilly. I've heard that the deep pan increases cooling ability. Assuming I replace the pan, is the deep pan better? Any thoughts on my pan leak? It's leaking on the driver's side back edge. Nowhere else.

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    Bump. Anyone?

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    Deep Dish Pan

    The only thing I can add is, yes it does keep the fluid a little cooler especially with a tranny cooler, also I have a high stall converter. I have had mine for several years works great, recommend one for all automatics.

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    Well, it's unanimous. Deep dish pan forthcoming.

    Meanwhile, I decided to drain and unbolt the pan again and replace the "rubber" gasket with a "cork" gasket and replace the filter while I'm in there. Lesson learned. Thanks for the Input. I love Vettes (one of the few two seaters I can fit in), but there's nowhere for the kids to sit, hence my big ole full size Chevy.

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    Check and see if it is leaking from the vent tube on top of the trans , you might need a trans cooler.

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