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Transmission HELP!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Transmission HELP!!!!!! within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Like everyone with a trans am we enjoy feeling the horsepower under our foot when we step on the gas!!! ...

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    Angry Transmission HELP!!!!!!

    Like everyone with a trans am we enjoy feeling the horsepower under our foot when we step on the gas!!! I own a 2000 trans am and about less then a month ago the transmission went out!!! Ok needless to say i paid out of pocket $2,000.00 for a rebuilt 9 clutch transmission with shift package and all that other good stuff. The reason the first one went out was because the 3rd and 4th clutch went out. Less then a month later the same thing happens and I take it to the guy that did it the first time (which by the way is a very well respected mechanic in our community). The transmission work that they did is still under their warranty. And I said to him good thing it's still under warranty. And he has the nerve to tell me well it is if it is something that we screwed up on!!!! I have babied it since i got it back so it surely can't be something I did can it???? And what if he does try and blame it on me what do i do then??? Someone please help!!!!! by the way the transmission is an automatic........please please help

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    sue them if they don't fix it. talk to "zboner" about this kinda thing

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    Don't know what all you had them do to your trans when they rebuilt it--but generally they always put a shift kit in it as well---IF so They should have known to or they should have told you ( or done it themselves) that when they installed the shift kit--it is mandatory to remove ALL of the TQ management and to set ALL of the shift times to "0"----If this was not done--it would defintely spell disaster for the trans at some point. Another culprit to early A4 trans failure is to mess with the MAF sensor without re-calibrating it--(new ends--aftermarket models--takng out the screen if it came with one)--It you did some of those things--it could be the reson for BOTH failures--Or if THEY messed with the MAF could be their fault.

    PS --ALSO installing a stall converter would have the same issues as a shift kit installation would--delete all TQ mgmt-- etc.

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