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Transmission fluid and filter change

This is a discussion on Transmission fluid and filter change within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; My car is getting old and its time for the old transmission fluid and filter change on my a4 TA. ...

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    Transmission fluid and filter change

    My car is getting old and its time for the old transmission fluid and filter change on my a4 TA. Only problem is I've never done it and I want to learn as much as I can about my car, and I hate to pay someone else to do something I could do. Anyways I need the book on my car but i'm going to try it this way, people seem more helpful anyways. So if someone could please give me some steps on how to do this that would be very helpful. I dont even know where the transmission filter is.

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    Best bet is to get a BG flush, then filter. The BG gets all of the old fluid out, then you have the pan dropped to get at the filter. Lots of happy miles from your tranny doing it that way. Should cost about $100 for the flush, then you will spend about $30 for the gasket, filter and a few quarts of new fluid for when you drop the pan yourself. Go to to get a how to on the pan and filter.

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    A friend of mine has a very pwerful vacuum machine that I used. I just stuck the suction tube down the ATF dipstick tube and sucked it all out very easily. And I've done all cars like that. Can't help much here

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    Refill with Dex 6 not Dex 3. Dex 6 is new and better and backward compatible with Dex 3. If there is a drain plug use that or maybe the suction method. Opening the pan risks dirt which even a spec can mess up your trans function. Unless dirty or lots of miles I wouldn't mess with the filter and gasket and all the dirt danger.

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    Changed my trans fluid & filter @ 60K miles. While it helps to just change the fluid, think about it: would you change your engine oil without changing the filter? You have to drop the pan to get to the filter - suck it up & spend $50 - 60 to get the maintenance done, you might save yourself some problems later. A transmission specialty shop like Aamco or even Midas or a quick lube place can do it while you wait & it's guaranteed. Make sure they put on a new pan gasket when they change the filter - Purolator's trans filter kits used to give you the filter AND gasket. BTW, a trans shop did my change for me, guy knew it was the factory filter just by the filter color. You need to find some shop like that where the guys know trannies inside out, this shop was recommended to me by a co-worker who took all of his cars there. Good luck!
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    transmission filter is inside the transmission. you have to remove the pan to get it. there's no drain plug to drain the fluid. you'll need a very large catch pan to minimize the mess. you'll need a 13mm socket and ratchet to do this. and yes, this is messy.

    lift the car up and support it safely. once done, then start removing the 13mm bolts around the pan one at a time. work towards the right rear corner from both directions. start at the left front corner. have your drain pan ready. as you remove the bolts, some fluid will start coming out. finally, you'll have one bolt left in the right rear corner. the pan will have some down some by now and fluid coming out. start removing the last bolt slowly. as you do this, the pan will start lowering from the left front corner. this helps minimize the mess. fluid will start pouring out. finally, you'll end up just about completely removing the bolt. at this point, most of the fluid will be out of the pan. now, support the pan with one hand. remove the last bolt and pull the pan down. you'll see the filter. just wiggle it out. more fluid will come out.

    install new filter with a little trans fluid on the shaft. this will help push it back in place. clean the pan. you'll notice a square object stuck on the pan. it's a magnet. install new pan gasket. reinstall pan. don't super tighten the bolts. also, you'll notice two bolts are longer than the rest. those go back where the shifter cable bracket bolts to the pan. once done, add 5 quarts of your favorite fluid. start car. with foot on brakes, go thorugh each gear selection one at a time. all the down, then back up. recheck fluid. 5 quarts is all it takes, but recheck anyway. while its still running, look under the car for leaks. if all's well, then shut car off and remove from supports.

    last. clean up and find a place to dispose of fluid.

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