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Trans noise at high speed-Dry bearing?

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    Trans noise at high speed-Dry bearing?

    On my 2001 SS with automatic, everything works great-normal shifting. However, at around 60 mph on level highway, when I let my foot off the gas I hear a whine or hum. Iíve had this sound for over 1 year but it is slowly getting louder. No sound at low speed. At high speed, if I speed up, no noise. But coasting, I hear the hum. I think I have a dry bearing in the trans, but could it be the drive shaft u-bolt? I donít think it is the rear end. Any suggestions on what it is? Just let it whine or get it fixed? Thanks.

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    lol shift it in to neutral next time just before you get to a light or off ramp and see if you still hear it. If so it's more than likley the rear not the trans. If you only hear it when the trans is engaged and the torque converter is locked up then it is more than likley a planetary in the trans ready to come apart. Bearings in a trans wont make whirling noise just a dragging sound and usually they have to be out of fluid or extramly low on fluid and wont move anyway.

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