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torque converter lock module?

This is a discussion on torque converter lock module? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; idk wtf this is but a guy I was talking cars to the other day said there was a module ...

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    torque converter lock module?

    idk wtf this is but a guy I was talking cars to the other day said there was a module on the transmission that could go out, causing the torque converter to randomly unlock/fail to lock properly. Anyway I have a 2000 model a4 WS6 and it has over 180k on the clock - but the cats are good, the plugs are good, the tune is good and the TC and trans are both good too.

    My question is, what the hell is it called? i need to know so I can buy one to try as a replacement for my old one if it's possible before I get on the highway for 6 hours on 6/1.


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    There is a torque converter clutch solenoid (aka TCC solenoid) inside the transmission. maybe thats what he's talking about

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    he is talking about the 700r4's. they are non electric transmissions that use a modual to lock up the converter. 4l60e's like you have that is done throught the pcm not a seperate modual. Like cutlas said if the TCC solinoid is acting up you can change it but make sure before you waist the time and money.

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