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shift problems

This is a discussion on shift problems within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; i have a 94 z28 a4 it seems like when i push down hard on it, it gets to like ...

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    shift problems

    i have a 94 z28 a4 it seems like when i push down hard on it, it gets to like 4 grand and seems like it would keep going until 5 so i let off a little and it shifts hard it also shifts out of first really hard is my tranny going bad?

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    sounds fine the transmission will hold the shifts when you are giving it generous pedal and bumps the pressure so it will shift higher and harder when you mash it then when not. It should hold it until close to redline if you have it to the floor. Also doing this but letting out before it shifts the pressure is already boosted so it will shift firmer even if you let out right before the shift.

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    thanks i was making sure it wasnt problem because the guy i bought the car from said it had a newer tranny with less than 7k miles on it and when i mash it it hits the redline then shifts idk if thats bad or because it might not be same as stock

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