I had a Rossler 4L60E in my 2000 Z28, two years and less than 5,000 miles ago. Went to two drag tracks with it and some street driving. Two weeks ago the tranny cut loose while doing a 45 mph kick. The "ears" on the input drum all broke off. After spending $3,771 (using my tranny as a core) two years ago at Rossler's, I decided to have Rodney take a look at it. They found the problems, let me see the entire tear down and most of the build up process (very cool to see). They showed me all the parts that Rossler uses and what they use and the reasons for the diferences. Needless to say, I spent a LOT less getting my tranny rebuilt with Rodney than what I spent at Rossler's!

Its nice to see someone in the high performance community take this kind of approach with its customers. The next car I get will undoubtedly have a RPM tranny in it as well.