I snapped the transmission mount on my 98 so I figured while I was under there I'd replace the torq arm mount, well, this things being a bitch. I was up till 11:00 last night trying to get it on there, what's the trick to it? Looks like the rear end needs to tilt down so the torq arm will fall forward, guess I'll jack it up a little to see if it tilts. I'm using the prothane bushings but from what I can tell their not lining up right. The instructions say the arrows should point up on both sides of the bushing, the smaller one won't bolt up to the bracket with the arrow up due to the two bolt holes being opposite of each other. Also getting the outside bracket to slide into the notch on the inside bracket is going to be a bitch once it's up and on the transmission. Wish I had some pictures to show because this is hard to explain, any tips would be helpful. Thanks