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REar end noise

This is a discussion on REar end noise within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I just replaced my carrier and and pinion bearing got the depth correct and set the backlash to .007 with ...

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    REar end noise

    I just replaced my carrier and and pinion bearing got the depth correct and set the backlash to .007 with new shims everything seems good until you start the car... If Im on the gas accelerating I notice a slight clunk like theres too much play in between the gears. As Im coasting to a stop between 45-20 mph the noise is very audible its just a constant clunk. Tried a few different things so far. When the car was jacked up i had the cover off and held a screw driver over to push the carrier into the pinion and the noise stops.However Im afraid to shim it tighter because the backlash is already good. The shims went in just like they should with a slight tap of a hammer. ive set up rear ends before and nevr had this prob if anyone knows please advise. btw gears are the originals in the car and they never had noise

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    Did you use marking compound on the gears? What does the pattern look like?

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    if your preload on the pinion was set right25-30 inch pounds then you shoulda never changed the shims. when you change bearings only there is not really a need to change that. shit i dont even measure backlash or check my pattern if i install new bearings. did you get the cross pin back in right? BTW what kinda car is it

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