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performance mode switch?

This is a discussion on performance mode switch? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; My cousin has one on his 95 TRANS AM, so do you have to program it back into the computer ...

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    My cousin has one on his 95 TRANS AM, so do you have to program it back into the computer if you reprogram your computer.

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    hmmm ok guys with t/a's... its a factory switch that isnt used on newer models that not a whole lot of ppl know about... that sounds like a damn sneaky nitrous switch to me... just find an older console with the switch in it and do a lil tweaking and bam... "performance mode" installed...

    just a lil food for thought...


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    My 95 Trans Am had one, it was located behind the shifter right beside the Traction Control button. Yes, it improved shift feel A LOT! Do all transmissions shift like it did in perform mode? If so, DAMN! I am feeling more like getting an auto than T56 car now if thats the case!

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    I have that on my car (Y Body) it is a big black button on the console and allows me to shut off "active handling" AND "traction control" or in "Competition Mode"
    just "traction control". If I didn't shut the traction control off I wouldn't be able to do a "burnout". The computer would kick in and stop the burnout. I have done
    that by mistake and it's VERY embarassing! So I installed a "Laptrak" unit which puts you automatically in "Competition Mode" when you start the car (you can then change to something else if you want), but it started acting up so I took it out.
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