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Ls1 / 4t65

This is a discussion on Ls1 / 4t65 within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Can anybody out there help me mate a LS1 to a 4T65 transmission? The information on this project is almost ...

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    Question Ls1 / 4t65

    Can anybody out there help me mate a LS1 to a 4T65 transmission? The information on this project is almost non existant. I know a stand alone computer would be required to control the trans. That's no problem. Engine management is already handled by it's own standalone computer. But I need some information on what would be needed to make the mechanical connection of the engine and trans. Engine block / trans case machine work? Maybe just an adapter plate? Is this a do-able thing?

    I'd really like to add some horsepower to my LS1/Fiero but know I have to beef up the drive train first. I don't trust the stock Fiero 5 speed with any more than the stock LS1 but I don't have any options, that I'm aware of, for a manual trans. I've read the 4T65E-HD, with some massaging, should handle a lot more power than the 5 speed now in the car and the physical dimensions of the 4T65 are actually a tad smaller then the 5 speed.

    All information, ideas, suggestions or recommendations accepted and greatly appreciated.


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    Sorry i dont know of a thing but if your allready running the 5 speed from the feiro with and ls1 you have most of the adaptation allready done all would be left would be figuring out the flex plate and converter , Im sure there are several companies that would make a 9.5 inch custom converter for that application .
    I imagine thats a monster to drive lotta fun I drove one with a sbc in it once that was fast enough for me

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