On October 29 2008 some called and ordered a level 2 4l60e an9.5 inch converter for a 1996 trans am. The card they used was stolen. They ordered under the name HAROLD HARFSMAN which is the card holders name, Gave a correct billing address and a different shipping address which of it self is not unusual since many of our customers have transmissions shipped to alternate addresses.
The Transmission and converter was delivered to
9112 lake lotta circle gotha florida 34734

The UPS guy failed to get a delivery signature and left at FRONT DOOR.

the transmission was delivered to that address on 4th of November and the converter on the 7th of November. It is a private home.

I know this is probably a long shot but ya never know.

Anyone who knows of anyone living in that area who recently got and or installed a new trans and converter from us in a 1996 transam please contact me in a PM or post here,