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Level 10 Transmissions Hamburg, NJ

This is a discussion on Level 10 Transmissions Hamburg, NJ within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I just want to advise all of my New Jersey friends about what happens to people who go to Level ...

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    Level 10 Transmissions Hamburg, NJ

    I just want to advise all of my New Jersey friends about what happens to people who go to Level 10 Transmissions in Hamburg, NJ. This is not the first time I have heard about this type of business practice from this shop until it happened to me.
    I called them to ask how much it would cost to rebuild my T56 transmission. I was told that they would have to get the vehicle in the shop and check out the trans. I told them I do not want it checked out, I want it rebuilt. They told me to bring it up to them and they will give me a price after looking at it first. I asked them what did they have to look at. It's a transmission, I think you may have seen one before since you are in the business. They were not happy with that reply. They said they can not give me a price until they diagnosis the problem, they have to take it apart first.
    What Level 10 and many other trans shops do is get the car in the air, drop the tranny and pull it apart and then write you an estimate. If you do not like the price, which is usually very high, you have no choice now because they will then take two days to put it back together and bill you 600 dollars for looking at it. They also throw easy payment terms so you take the bait. Rebuilding is rebuilding. Put new parts in the trans and put it backin the car. You do not need to look at it or pull it apart. It's a standard rebuild. Do not fall for the trans guys lines. If you ask a shop to esitmate a regular repair you get a price but Not at Level 10. They want to hook you in first and leave you with a " take it or pay us " situation.

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    Rebuilding is rebuilding, unless it needs hard parts. They should be able to give a standard rebuild estimate which would include the normal wear items (bearings, bushings, synchros, shift fork pads, etc.) but they should also ask/warn you if there may be additional charges if it needs some gears, shafts, or shift forks replaced. They can kinda estimate that if they ask about problems or symptoms you're having or if they drive the car and feel for problems. But sometimes teardown diagnosis is necessary.
    This shop might have been trying to "bait" you into the scenario you described or they might not have been good at communicating what their intentions are. They may have assumed you are having a problem and wanted it diagnosed and fixed.

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    I am an EX-ASE Tech, My T-56 trans is stuck in 4th gear and will not come out. It is the usual problem with the 3-4 slider keys for the synchros. I do expect to pay more for hard parts but I asked for a standard ( soft parts ) estimate before I brought the car up to them. This is not the first time I have heard this from a trans shop.

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    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to share my opinion also on level 10, as i have had similar experiences!

    These guys are scams!! I had sent a valve body in to be modified and these guys put a spacer in one of the valves to increase line pressure. The spacer was so big it stopped the valve from opening fully, causing my transmission to get low line pressure. -

    When I contacted Pat the owner, he said they would never have done that, that some one else did! But the funny thing is NO one ever went in the valve body except Level 10

    I had to pay thousands of dolars to the local dealer to get the problem rectified that Level Ten Transmissions created!

    These guys don't know what they are doing!!

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