well i started reading up on these vigilante converters


AND it turns out that not only they give you more stall but the fact that they are 15lbs LIGHTER is another great advantage.

if i can pull a 1.88 60 with my 3.73geared 12inch stock converter, then what would i pull with a 2800 stall vigilante, i am gonna chose this converter because its lighter, easier on the tranny , quicker revs, and more power off the line.. it seems like a win win deal, now before someone tells me to go 3500 rpm, i don't think that would be best considering i do a lot of in town cruisin, but also mustang bruising, and if i can pull 1.88 already, i reall dont need much more especially considering less traction on the street

and i plan on keeping my factory 10 spoke wheels 245/50-16 nittos...good sleeper look

if anyone else out there installed one of these converters please give a little feedback good or bad