Introducing the new Level 3 - Plus 4L6XE

This unit contains all of the usual Level 3 components listed below and at 4l60e 700r4 4l65e 4l70e performance transmission performabuilt plus the added items at bottom of page.

Our INVINCIBLE series is our Extreme offering in the 4L60 transmissions series. Its available in the 700R4, 4L60E for LT-1, 4L60E/65E for LS1 / LSX and 4L65E.

It features all the components or our levels 2 and 3 transmissions with these upgrades for added Strength and Durability. (Nothing but the best):

Modified Reinforced OEM style five (5) pinion planetary gear set with a grooved sun gear for improved lubrication

Specially prepared performance input drum assembly (updated to the SONNAX Smart-tech drum)

Molded seal steel pistons

Raybestos composite forward frictions

A set of 8 RAYBESTOS STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE clutches with full thickness steels for High Impact Durability and Super Hold on the 2-3 shift (Upgraded to 10 with- the SONNAX drum)

Borg Warner 29 element dual cage sprag assembly, the strongest available
The BEAST sun shell, considered unbreakable and will withstand the abuse levied in high horsepower extreme torque situations

Ultra wide carbon composite 2-4 performance band with reinforced pin area to prevent tear through along with a new reverse input drum ( BAND DRUM ) .This band will take the abuse and the heat.

SUPER HOLD BILLET SERVO for maximum second gear hold (It also limits 3rd gear 3-4 clutch accumulation to aid in the 3-4 clutch apply)

Sonnax Dual Piston Overdrive Servo (with the wide Carbon band to stand WOT overdrive if your PCM is set up to allow it)

A Thirteen (13) vane pump with hardened rings and a full-time lube modification which assures maximum planetary life and cooling

PerformaBuilt custom shift kit, a compilation of what we consider to be the best of several known kits and some unique modifications of our own (L3 plus unit gets a Modified Transgo HD2 kit)

Deep OEM pan and performance filter (Deep pan not available on the 700r4 unit)

In addition this unit comes with a billet output shaft,

It also features the Sonnax Smart-Tech input drum, and the Sonnax Heavy Duty 2-3 shift valve.

The Sonnax Smart-tech drum also allows for more frictions in the 3-4 clutch set (a common failure point in the 4l6x series transmissions).
More about these additions below!

Total price for this is $4835 shipped to any place in the mainland USA. It is not listed as a separate unit on our website however during the order of the level 3 you will have a drop down option to upgrade to this unit or you can order by phone.

This unit also features many other proprietary modifications and is the finest offering to date.