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do my rear end gears matter with stall?

This is a discussion on do my rear end gears matter with stall? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; whats up guys.i got a built ws6 with big h/c.well my tranny went out last saturday.3rd gear went also ...

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    do my rear end gears matter with stall?

    whats up guys.i got a built ws6 with big h/c.well my tranny went out last saturday.3rd gear went also came with a stock when i stop at lights,it wants to push through the motor mounts and tranny mounts are suffering.anyway,im gonna pull tranny this weekend,and go with a stall.ive called 2 different companies and they both told me to go with a 9.5 inch with a 3200 the rear end gears matter when selecting which stall?the previous owner put 2.73s in at 70mph im barely pushing gonna go back with 3.73s and just wondering if the 9.5inch 3200 stall will still work?

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    I ran a 3500 fuddle for a bit and the 2.73 gear. It got awesome gas mileage and got rid of the huge flatspot from 40-60mph(if i remember right. Its been a while now). Most people end up going with 3.73 gears after a while though cause its much more streetable that way. It depends on what your looking for from the car. Theres alot more to a stall then 3200rpms. A company like vigilante will spec, sell, and restall it 1 time if its not exactly what you imagined. Theyre supposed to be top notch stuff.

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    I've got 3.73's and am ordering a 3400 stall from circle d Monday soon as I get my cash they built several different levels of stall converters from single to multi.disc depending on the power your running and they will restall is 1 time for you and I think there multi five has a lifetime warranty. I'm just ordering a single since I just plan on a cam and maybe heads later down the road when I have more cash but if you call them they can built you the stall for what you want and their price and quality seem to be good since a lot of calmed nos cars are running them here with no problems
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    Gears always matter with stall. Your 2.73's will get you good gas mileage and top end. If your like me though you rarely get a chance to go over 120 mph. If this is the case it's a waste to have 2.73's. I would think with those gears you would want a higher stall that will deliver mire torque, but it is personal preference. I went with a Yank 4200 stall and 3.73 gears. Essentially the higher stall the more torque delivered at launch etc. And the higher gear ratio the more torque. This is of course a simplified explanation, there are many more factors but I hope it gives you an idea.

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