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Automatic transmission problem

This is a discussion on Automatic transmission problem within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I have recently purchased a DR. Evil performance transmission,(got it with 15k miles) for my automatic 1999 camaro ss. It ...

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    Unhappy Automatic transmission problem

    I have recently purchased a DR. Evil performance transmission,(got it with 15k miles) for my automatic 1999 camaro ss. It was working fine, But when it was working It would do a lil jump, when hitting 2nd gear. It had a stock torque converter. But recently, when driving, It didn't want to shift either into 3rd or 4th or overdrive. Apparently, it has a stage 3 transmission vacuum modulator, but it seems like it doesn't have the vacuum attached to the manifold & it still has the EPC connected to the wiring harness, But not connected to the valve body? Also, the solenoid " B" is kinda loose, does that affect it? Cant seem to find out what it may be, can it be the shift solenoid? I checked the oil and filter, The oil wasn't burnt, but did seem to notice there were some deb-re in the filter. Would that have caused the problem? & ill post some pics up to show what.

    Thanks For all the help

    -1999 Camaro SS, LS6 Manifold, C6 rims, Dr.Evil Performance transmission, & Soon To Be More.

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    A loose shift solenoid could give you issues. pull that solenoid out and look for damage like a cracked housing.
    But that solenoid wouldn't cause no 3rd and 4th. I suspect the 3-4 clutch pack is wiped out. Pull out the input housing and check that clutch pack

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    The EPC hooked to the inside of the transmission is being used as a passafire for the computer, the computer sees a reading and prevents your ck engine lite from coming short its okay.

    The "b" solenoid is wigglely in its bore, and I doubt this is a problem tho, I'd agree with Cutless. (I know wigglely isn't a word..G.W. Bush can make up words so can I )

    The vacuume modulator not connected to the manifold will put your transmission into max. throttle line pressure.It works like this, the higher manifold vacuume pressure you have, the lower the line pressure is. The lower the manifold pressure, the higher the line pressure. This is a universal rule. Therefore the vacuume line being disconnected, will result in max line pressure. Max line pressure in your case does a couple things. 1) It makes your shifts harder; that lil jump you were feeling and 2) prematurely wears your transmission out, it (max pressure) is real hard on your sealing rings and other internal parts designed to wear out.

    What we see alot of for the no2-3-4 shift, is a defective 3-2 down shift solenoid, or broken spring in the 3-2 shift spool valve (Its in the valve body), behind the 3-2 shift valve, and yes you can have a defective solenoid without a ck engine light. Remove the solenoid, remove the spool valve, and behold the broken

    I do hope this helps Dave

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