i am in need of some help. i bought a yank converter that was used off a member on here and it was supposed to be new. when it arrived it was used. i sent it back to yank and they put all new parts in except the lockup clutch. they did not have the lockup clutch anymore because the converter was so old. also dave at yank did not know if he could put it back together because it was cut open so many times. he said its the last time it could be re-stalled. he was able to get it together but could not guarantee that the lockup clutch. when it goes into lockup its almost like a clutch chattering. its a very lazy shift when going into lockup. i called a converter company and told them what it was doing and he told me to bump up the line pressure and see what happens before replacing the converter. is there anyone around Melbourne fla or brevard county that can help me out.

thanks, mike