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Aftermarket converter and winter

This is a discussion on Aftermarket converter and winter within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Has anyone experienced of driving a "high" stalled car in winter? And I mean real winter with full ice and ...

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    Aftermarket converter and winter

    Has anyone experienced of driving a "high" stalled car in winter? And I mean real winter with full ice and snow. We have 5 months full snow coverage in here yearly and driving stock -98 A4 Z28 has not been problematic. The reason I ask is I'm planning to change 2.73 gears to 3.73 and install 3000rpm converter.

    Would the general driving be too hard or dangerous? Is it possible to drive smooth enough and accelerate safely?

    We can use special spiked wintertyres in here so the general grip levels are not a big problem in daily driving. Here is a picture of tyre I'm using now.

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    I have never driven one in the winter. I would not even try it no matter what gears you have.

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    I live in a very warm climate, however I have a friend that lives in upper Minnisota, and he drives a "beater" for the winter, leaving his SS in storage.


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    You know with good wintertyres it is not so slipery what you might think. You can not eaven compare summertyres and M+S tyres with special winter tyres. When temperature is clearly under freezing point grip is comparable to very good condition gravel roads in summer. The most slipery thing is a fresh powder snow on ice. That just stucks the tyre lamels and spikes cant reach through.

    The main concern is how manageable it is with 3500 stall + 3.73? You can use the gravel road as an example. If I'm overtaking a car in 50mph and try to accelerate. Can you controll it smooth enough without too sudden power increase?

    As I said It is not a problem at all to drive it in current condition in snow and ice. You just can't ram that pedal like in summer

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    BlackHawk T/A
    IMO you shouldn't be trying to overtake anyone in snow and ice, let alone in an F-Body.

    Drive civily.

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    chicago gets very cold in the winter and we get plenty of snow.
    you wont have problems with a 3000 rpm converter unless you have a lead foot.
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    a few bolt ons, 379 rwhp
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    I've lost control and gone in the ditch with front wheel drive cars in snow and ice. An F-body and snow don't mix. Buy a beater.

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    You can't really even pass someone on a rainy day in the summer too quickly without letting your rear end slip let alone on the ice and snow. I just bought a "beater" S-10 for $1000 to drive this winter for when it snows or the roads are frozen over. I won't car if it gets messed up as long as my WS6 is safe at home. If you live in a heavy snow area, I'd advise you do the same, if possible.

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