Hello everyone, I have a question about having my transmission rebuilt. I have a 2000 WS6 with the 4L60E four speed auto and finally, after 180,000 miles, I think its starting to give way. Starts to have problems shifting into overdrive after the tranny fluid gets to about 160 degrees plus. In a year or two, as money permits, I plan on getting a new crate motor to drop in and making in the 450-475 hp range so I need more than just a stock rebuild. I'll need to get it rebuilt to handle the added power of the crate motor. I live in southern NJ and am looking for a reputable shop within a few hours drive of me to do the rebuild. I want a good, reputable shop that has experience building high performance transmissions and not some Bubba's backyard shop. If anybody has any recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you!