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A4 good for road/autoX ?

This is a discussion on A4 good for road/autoX ? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Just wanna say I love my Z28 A4. I'm planning on getting the a stall really soon, just saving up ...

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    A4 good for road/autoX ?

    Just wanna say I love my Z28 A4. I'm planning on getting the a stall really soon, just saving up for one.
    My question is: What do you guys think of an A4 for road racing ? How will it compare to an M6? I'm sure an M6 would be the weapon of choice but is it much of a comparison? Will be stall help for road racing or will it hinder it?

    I want my A4 to be a good all around ride but a bit more emphasis on the dragstrip.

    What do you guys/gals think? Thanks for any comments.

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    it depends on how the so called road race is set up. if its long stips or road, six speed will rule.
    if its a short tight course, the A4 wil be better
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    Automatics and road courses/auto x just don't go together. You can't modulate RPM's or gear selection, which is critical in low low speed courses and in corners on a road course. You also have no means of effective engine braking, unless you force a downshift, which isn't so good for the trans when you're turning high RPM's and high speeds while slowing down for a turn.

    Autos also suck on road courses because they downshift when you try and accelerate out of a turn. With a manual, you downshift as your slowing down, and you power out of the corner in the same gear. If you floor it to accelerate out of a corner in an auto, it will kick down a gear, causing you to lose traction and probably go sideways.

    Autos just aren't built for road courses. They are built for straight line only. Simple as that.

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