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6 speed auto in 4th Gen?

This is a discussion on 6 speed auto in 4th Gen? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; The 6L80e has a transmission control module(TCM) built into it. It needs info from the Engine Control Module (ECM) to ...

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    The 6L80e has a transmission control module(TCM) built into it. It needs info from the Engine Control Module (ECM) to figure out when and how to shift. The LS1 ECMs can't properly communicate with the 6L80e TCM so a stock ECM out of a car/truck that came with an a6 or an an aftermarket ECM is needed. The newer ECM needs to replace the stock LS1 computer and needs to be programmed to run the engine and talk to the TCM. Most likely the new ECM has different connectors so a new wire harness is necessary.

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    ok I get it now. Cool thanks for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by c5z28 View Post
    There is a kit it even comes with those paddle shifters-I just don't know the name.
    I know TCI makes a 6 speed auto that's suppose to work with LS engines. Better have deep pockets though.

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    the new a6s fall under the new CAN regulations and the tcm comunication rate is in the 1mbps range and our cars are at i think the 512kbps range. so the trans controller module would almost have to be a stand alone and youd have to tap into the sensors of the car. IE tps,ect,maf,you get the point. Im not saying it cant be done the impossible can always be possible with money.

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    With that kind of first gear, i'd love to have a six speed. Too bad they couldn't make 6th a little bit taller though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allbaugh_04 View Post
    With that kind of first gear, i'd love to have a six speed. Too bad they couldn't make 6th a little bit taller though.
    I know, till i found and posted the ratios i thought it was setup more like the M6 with two overdrives......but hey with that tall of a 1st gear you can make up for it with your rear gears with no problem

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    I was looking into doing this swap but gave up after finding out the the transmissions are around 6grand in stock form... and I would just break that I did find a few in some junk yard's in the dallas area for around 3500 but still it would cost another 2grand to have it built up to where I would need it..

    but that first gear would be nice... if you do the math I beleave that if you run 3.23's in the rear it's = to 4.56's in first gear and when you get on the HWY the cruising RPM's a great as long as your not running a big cam...
    you can search on and GMtech and they have done a few F-body swap's with these.. but after every thing was done they spent just under 10grand doing it.

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    There was an article in a mag cant remember the name, want to say Camaro. It showed step to step on install with aftermarket torque brace/ tunnel well ect. If you can put a old school th400 and 4l80e in them, the real question is the cost worth it.

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    4l80 is a 4 speed. Its actually not a ridiculous swap. A handful of people here have it or are under construction

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