My Transmission on a 98 Trans Am just went out at 110,000 miles. I went to a shop called "The Rair Center". I asked how much they would charge for a rebuilt and they said $1,500.00 with shift kit, Heavy Duty Clutches ext. Then I said not interested just need a simple rebuilt. I will pull it off and bring it to you, can you do it for $750.00? A price quoted by most shops around the area as well. They agreed yes. I took me two days to install the now $900.00 repriced transmission. Only to find no 3rd to 4th gears. Took it back to the shop where I was told it would be fixed not to worry about it. ON my the third day I followed up only to be charged for the free lift $200.00 out of $400.00 he wanted. The car has been at shop for five days now and not even on production. IDK what or how this will turn out but I have no results! A rebuilt transmission for $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 is the exact same thing as a used one with 220,000 miles for $200.00 to $850.00 looking at these type of result. I have never had any problem with a used transmission swap before in the entire cars life before.
( ONLY REBUILDS ) have failed on me same model different cars. Get a trusted mechanic ( NOT A SHOP )? Shops
love ( COURT ) claims rather than put something other than junk for parts in your car. It is time consuming and ten times the emotional distress you will be adding to your rebuilt tranny or swap process. Oh, there is no such thing as ( FREE OF CHARGE WARRANTY COVERAGE ) it will just add up. Correct me if I'm wrong but how? I've heard aamco and monster are the same jar different just different labels? Answer to all this mess is I should of done the rebuilt my self. I would have been golden. Now, I've wasted all time and money for nothing just to keep on waiting. Dam it!