I have a 97 trans am and the last couple weeks the transmission has been slipping from 1st to 2nd gear, every other shift is fine. When i take off slow it is even worse, but when i punch it a little bit it usually doesn't have much problems. The only other problem I've had with it, is if i'm in 3rd or 4th gear and drop punch the gas and it drops down to second, it doesn't want to come out of 2nd but wants to hit the revlimiter until i let off. I have trickshift fluid in there changed about a 9 months ago and have a B&M electric shift kit. Any suggestions as to what i can/should do?? Also, last week my windshield wipers decided that instead of stopping at the bottom of the windshield, they feel the need to stop at the top instead. They still work but stop at the top. I saw a Z28 with the same problem the other day. Is this a common problem and does anyone know the way to fix that? Thanks!