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4l60e problem please help

This is a discussion on 4l60e problem please help within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I pulled a 1995 LT1 and 4l60e out of a 1995 Z28 and put it in a 1987 firebird. The ...

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    4l60e problem please help

    I pulled a 1995 LT1 and 4l60e out of a 1995 Z28 and put it in a 1987 firebird. The donar car was rearended, and the guy said that the engine and tranny were fine. So I took the engine and built it, and put a transgo shift kit in the tranny (double checking every step). Today I got my car on the road for the first time, it felt weird in drive but I think that is from the 3400 edge convertor (I never drove a car with a high stall before). So I put the car into reverse and I could very slightly feel the tranny engage, but the rpms do not go down like they do in drive, so I hit the gas and nothing. When I got back to my garage I put the car on jack stands and disconnected the throttle linkage from the tranny, and had my girlfreind started the car and I shifted the car into reverse by hand at the tranny and nothing ( I thought that the linkage was misadjusted).

    Is my tranny junk?
    Did I do somthing wrong installing the shift kit?


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    no reverse

    im assuming you have the ecm and all from the newer car , but anyway a no reverse with a 4l60e is not and electronics issue since its a purly mechanical function, there are four possiilities ,
    1 you didnt tighten the 8mm bolts that hold the metal plate to rear area of case , this would cause reving but no movment .
    2- you misplaced one or more of the three 8 mm long bolts and have jamed the sunshell , this would cause second gear starts possibly noise and no reverse but not a rev up and the car when in reverse would not roll backwards , it would be like the brake was on
    3- you could have left out one of the little steel check balls this to would cause car to feel like it had braks on in reverse but would allow normal 1st gear take off
    4- you did everything correct but the low reverse and or reverse input clutch frictions and or seals are just bad and the tranny is just bad .
    i know that covers alot of ground but i hope the information helps some


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