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This is a discussion on 4l60e LEAKING within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I have a leak coming from my 4l60e trans. The trans has about 500 miles on the performance build done ...

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    4l60e LEAKING

    I have a leak coming from my 4l60e trans. The trans has about 500 miles on the performance build done to it. I just had a ls6 engine installed sence then and a 2800 yank stall. sence I got it back there is tranny fluid leaking out from somewhere. It was covered with fluid so its hard to tell where it was coming from.

    I jacked it up and cleaned it all off tightened the pan bolts then took it for a ride. I went about 12 miles and no leak.

    The wife and I went for a 40 mile stop and go ride 2 days later and it was leaking again. I parked it in a oil free spot on driveway and it was coming out pretty good looked like front of trans I thought input seal.

    I jacked the car up and cleaned it all off again and had the car running for about 45 min to see if i could find the leak for sure but again not a drop. I ran it threw all the gears and checked the fluid level and topped it off and nothing.

    The shop I had install the motor is giving me the run around about it not being there fault and I cant afford there labor cost when they are already saying they didnt make a mistake.

    Id be very greatful for any help. THANX.

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    First obvious things to check are the cooler lines and transmission pan bolts to ensure that they are tight. If that checks out, then you will need to clean it off good with some spray brake cleaner and then run the vehicle while it is supported on jack stands or a chassis lift. Going down the road, the airstream can blow a fluid leak all over and make it damn near impossible to pinpoint.

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    I had a simliar issue and just recently fixed it, Turns out my dipstick tube "seal" was torn.... Would only leak when the Torque converter unloaded its fluid or stop and go traffic... Your best bet is to clean up the tranny and pan as best as possible and take a look around.... The best part is everyone says you have to pull the tranny, but you dont...
    Like said above check your pan bolts, cooler lines, etc...
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    I just fixed a tranny leak on my C5 thought is was pan but turned out to be selector seal!

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