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4l60e issues - need help!

This is a discussion on 4l60e issues - need help! within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I'm at a loss as to what broke or whats happing and before I take it to a place like ...

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    Unhappy 4l60e issues - need help!

    I'm at a loss as to what broke or whats happing and before I take it to a place like Aamco to get raped I'd like to see if maybe someone else has had the same issues if they could tell me whats the issue and if I canfix it myself.

    1. Basically the first thing I'm noticing is that when it's cold (first drive of the morning after sitting all night) it shifts just fine from 1 - 2 but the 2 - 3 shift is WAY delayed. Some times she'll get to 4K before even wanting to make the shift. After a couple of miles or just warming up for 15 minutes it'll be fine. But after it sits for a few hours it starts doing it again.

    2. The other issue I'm finding is that if I punch it too hard from a dead stop (breaking the tires loose) she seems to miss the 1-2 shift altogether and red-lines. If I get off the gas and let the RPMs come back down it'll shift but any hard hit and it's like it forgets it has a second gear and goes right into neutral...

    I've looked at a couple of FAQ about this POS transmission and from the bit I've found I've decided to replace the shift solinoid A and B and I've checked the 1-2 shift actuator piston for damage (and I checked the 3-4 for the hell of it). They are in fine order. Fuilds have been flushed and changed. Filter is new. I don't know what else it could be.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    First off is it a stock trans and how many miles on it?

    Second what dose the fluid level look like? Is the fluid burnt? when was the last time the filter was changed? has thier been any work done to the trans? Is it a stock stall converter?

    I had a problem with a preformance trans I bought and it turned out to be a broken sunshell. Basically I had a problem with the trans missing 3rd gear when I shifted it manually It would flat out miss 3rd untill I got out of the gas. If I had it in over drive spot it shifted fine untill one day 2nd 4th and revers went out with a bang.

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    I just had mine rebuilt this week. I'm really impressed with the results. My car shifts real aggressive threw all the gears. I found out that most of the bands were pretty worn out and the clutches were worn. I bought the car 1 month ago it has 75,000 on it and the tranny was never rebuilt until now. I paid 1,100.00 out the door to have it rebuilt. It feels like a new car now. Also I have put about 4400.00 into since I bought it. shocks,struts, rotors,pads, tranny rebuild, alt, belts, high flow cats, borla cat back,tires,slp air lid, and all fluids changed. Just shop around before you pay out the ass for Amco to rebuild it. I would say stay away from them all together, I have heard of many horror stories of them rebuilding trannies for a couple of people i know. The 4L60E is a great transmission if you take car of it. My next purchase will be new gears for the rear end.

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    Yah Aamco is worthless - After they kept it overnight and checked it they said they couldn't tell me for sure what was happening unless they tore it apart and that alone would be $800 (just to look at it - not even begining to fix it). He did say that when they drove it around that I had no 3rd or 4th at all. Strange - It did whn I broght it in there and even more strange since it did when I drove away from thier shop - were they looking at a differant camaro? Aamco is a waste.

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