hi recently my transmission broke....its a 4l60e i had gotten it rebuilt by a shop 4 months ago now there saying the warranty isnt going to cover it because the engine mounts were bad, and that the transmission was banging against the engine, and it caused the shaft to break inside the transmission yet the car still catches gear just makes alot of noise when it moves, someone told me that if the shaft was broken then the car wouldnt even move at all??? is this true???? everyone is telling me its bullshit so any feedback on that is greatly appreciated. So i leave an ad at a local forum for a transmission that is running and in working order or for someone to repair it, this guy calls me telling me he has one that was purchased off of a crashed 2002 transam with only 34000 miles on it, well heres my second question. Are there any steps in identifying a working 4l60e transmission without installing it?? and he said we can install it and if it doesnt work he can take it off, but after that what assurance do i have that it will continue to work and not fail in 2 weeks of driving it. Please post asap because i will be driving to the shop monday afternoon so i need to prove them wrong and not get F!@ked over.
Thanks, Ramiro Gonzalez