Here is how it works starting today Monday the 19th all Transmissions are $200 off the listed price. But here is the catch each day the discount decreases by $25 dollars. So Tomorrow for instance it will be $175 off and the next day $150 off etc. So instead of the biggest discount coming on Black Friday that is the day you will save the least during this sale.
Of course all will still be entered in the Holiday giveaway for either the 100 back or get it free on Christmas Eve!

Note: Layaways are not eligible for the giveaway unless started during the sale and paid out before the end of the sale.
NOTE: Layaways are eligible with min $500 down payment for the discounted price but the discount will be on the total and deducted at the end when paying out the layaway.

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone.
Frank at PerformaBuilt