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Will i pass emissions?

This is a discussion on Will i pass emissions? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; If i get tsp catted y with the high flow magnaflow cats, will i pass emissions if i'm not throwing ...

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    Will i pass emissions?

    If i get tsp catted y with the high flow magnaflow cats, will i pass emissions if i'm not throwing any codes? I'm just curious cuz a buddy of mine told me his friend had high flows on his stang and he failed.
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    its a hit or miss with the tech. if you move the stock cats from their stock locations you will fail... i have hi-flow cats and they aren't in the stock locations but i passed with flying colors

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    It also depends on how the test is done. Here in NY they don't dyno and sniffer test anything newer than 96 anymore. They hook your car up to a diagnostic computer, and run a test on it. If your car throws any codes or hasn't completed any of it monitors, you fail. So if you get a guy that doesn't care, you could have no cats and still pass. But if they still do a visual inspection for emission controls you'd need the high flows.

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    I've passed emissions twice with Mac mids, Ory and a Borla catback. (Once with the 224 cam loping). No visual, no codes, no problem.

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