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Who has had an electric cutout the longest?

This is a discussion on Who has had an electric cutout the longest? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a QTP was cheap, works good, seals good, looks like crap, switch looks/works like crap,and it opens slow ...

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    I have a QTP was cheap, works good, seals good, looks like crap, switch looks/works like crap,and it opens slow as crap.

    Buddy has a Street Pro, opens fast, nice switch and looks nice since the Y is coated.

    Leave the stock exhaust on and just get a cutout and spend that 200-1000$ exhaust $$ for a cam or a intake some thing that will net you some real power with that cutout.

    Just my opinion.

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    2000 Z28

    My MCPP lasted 1.5 years. LED went in 1 year, the rest in 1.5. I think I'll stick to manual from now on.

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    2004 Grand Prix GTP

    I had a QTP cutout w/ Borla on my last car for about 1.5 years. Sometimes you had to tap the switch a few times to get it to seal good, but that's mentioned in the documentation. Some people put a thin line of gasket sealer along the edge to help. Mine came with a control cable that didn't work, but QTP replaced it right away and appoligized. Takes about 6 sec's to open or close completely. Worked great though. Never gave me any problems...even in single digit temps. One of my favorite mods after my 3.42 gears made my car almost too loud to drive on long trips.

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    I don't understand all the people dissing e-cutouts.

    There's many good reasons to get one, however the best reason to get one is because you have 2 kinds of exausht at your fingertips.

    You have the stock, more reseved sounding camaro, for when your around your house, cops, parents, girls who don't like loud cars, etc etc etc.

    Then you have the balls ass loud car too! Just by a press of the button.

    I have a friend who told me I should have just paid 700 dollars for a good exausht, but that isnt what I want. I want a car that MOST TIMES is quiet, but SOMETIMES is loud. And I don't want to have to get out in the rain/bad weather, and get under the car to get the sound.

    it cost me 150 bucks TOTAL installed for a DMH - got in on a group purchase, brought it to a custom muffler shop and BOOM, Use it everyday, and it's so much better than having a FULL exausht. People LOVE the sound, and I have scared the SHIT out of more than a few kids (13-15 years old) walking down the street, and it's classic each time! Come up behind them all quiet, hit the button and throw a rev, I love it!

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