Thanks for the info. No oil leak to speak of. I will look into the PCV system. My motor is stock, but I do have a catch can. I noticed that mine had a little filter on it and the filter was cloged with oil. To be honest, my engine seems to have a lot of vacuum everywhere, including the catch-can. Is this a bad thing? What does it mean?

Is it possible that when my catch can got cloged, it created an intake leak from the intake manifold to the valve cover somehow?

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Have you done any other work? Intake or valve covers?

Check your entire pcv. Follow it all the way around the back side of the intake. It's routing is as follows:

Starts off the rear of the drivers side valve cover, goes behind the intake where it splits into two, one tubing goes to the rear passenger side valve cover, the other continues along the passenger side of the intake where it connects to the pcv then on to the intake just behind the TB on the passenger side.

I'm thinking your pcv has come off the passenger valve cover and that could be what is causing your vacuum leak or your oil cap has failed and is letting air go through it. If is has a small crack in it, it will make a whistle sound.

Notice any unexplained oil leaks around the oil cap; along or back of the intake?