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Whats the longevity of a waterpump?

This is a discussion on Whats the longevity of a waterpump? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Its got 76,000 miles and seems like its been squeekin after low on water then quieted down ? I also ...

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    Thumbs up Whats the longevity of a waterpump?

    Its got 76,000 miles and seems like its been squeekin after low on water then quieted down ?
    I also hear some roaring as if the bearing is drying out?
    If this thing freezes or leaks through the weep hole well that'll be time to change it?
    Well if it goes i know i'll lose what alternator , P.S pump, air pump?
    Well changed it in my 89 but not in this looks like a similar deal?
    I mean ill have to remove radiator?
    It doesn't look too intimidating to me.
    All or any advice from ya all could should be apreciated

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    im wondering the same thing my car has 126,xxx miles and im pretty sure its never been changed

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    i just replaced mine and it had 110k on it. The pump didn't made any bearing noises or had play on the shaft but the gaskets were leaking. I decided to change it with a new one.

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    i replaced mine in my '99 Formula with the waterpump from my '00 SS, since i'm running an EWP in the SS. the Formula has 134k. i replaced the radiator as well (it was cracked). it was the original waterpump.

    however, like any mechanical part, they can and will fail at anytime. there are to many variables to say when a specific part will fail. being proactive and replacing parts is part of vehicle maintenance and upkeep.

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    Like mentioned, I prefer to be pro-active on car maintanance. If mileage or age is a concern and I'm planning a long trip from home, I'll replace stuff regardless.

    Water pump life has alot of variables. Antifreeze is the lubricant for the babbit bearings in the pump. What GM also started doing with new cars is installing 2 tablets in the cooling system, which does two things. It prevents minor leaks and seepage, but those tablets are also a lubricant for the pump according to the books.
    I'm not sure how far back this practice goes, but it's listed in the GM assembly manuals for all the LS engines starting in 97.
    It goes on to say that every time a coolant flush and/or change is performed, that more tablets should be added.

    I've compared these GM tablets you can get at the dealer to the aftermarket tablets you find in the parts stores and they don't appear to be the same thing. GM tablets are much smaller and have a different description as to their usage as a lubricant. Where as the tablets from the autoparts store are much larger and only specify being used for sealing leaks such as Bars.

    Because of what "MIGHT" be a difference between the two I always pickup a package of the tablets from GM, and I use them in all the cars whether LS or not. Just something to think about.
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    my waterpump sprung a leak around 40k. Anybody's guess on how long it will last.

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    Mine made it to I think 160k before it starting seeping. Radiator cracked at 190k.

    And no you don't have to remove the radiator to replace the pump.

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