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What's the best clutch for our cars?

This is a discussion on What's the best clutch for our cars? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I need a clutch that will support 550 RWHP. However, I've been told so many goods and bads about almost ...

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    What's the best clutch for our cars?

    I need a clutch that will support 550 RWHP. However, I've been told so many goods and bads about almost every brand, is there really a best? Does anyone have one that they really like that I should go with? Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

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    LOL that decision is a tough one to make, for this reason!!

    1. people online complain about a part before praising it.
    2. for the ones that do have problems, you do not know how good the install was.
    3. you don't know how well they can drive manual cars. many people claim to know how, but they really do not know!.

    in my honest opinion.

    I'm at 432rwhp with many track launches and I'm running the larger dual friction by centerforce and I've been happy with it.
    I didn't want to buy the centerforce clutch at first but I needed a clutch fast and its all the local shop had in stock. However it turned out to work great, plus it was under $400.

    This winter I'm building the car up more and I will be switching to the Mcleod Twin disk.

    I have seen many 900-1000+ rwhp f-bodies successfully running the mcleod.
    For big power Mcleod is one of the best ways to go.

    in regards to spec clutches, they are one of the most popular which is why you hear of so many complaints. Again this is where Item 1-3 fall into. I know many drivers using spec, they have 9-10sec cars and they are very happy with them. On the flip-side, I know a performance shop that sell spec and says they are junk.

    Other clutch brands: zoom, tilton, ram, textralia, exedy, etc... theres a lot to choose from. Zoom and tilton have been around for along time, great clutches just not popular in f-bods.

    just figure out what your budget it and your driving style. If you have $1200 to drop and you drive hard, then you will be fine with the mcleod. If you plan on spending $400, then spec, CF or ram is your best choice.

    a couple install tricks that are very important for safety and longer clutch life:
    a. locktite all of the bolts
    or better yet
    b. safety wire all of the bolts.

    I have had bolts back off off the flywheel before even with loctite, so I safety wire the bolts every time. Safety wire is a technique used in the racing and aviation industry.

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    i know a firebird thath as around 500HP and he is running the ls7 clutch

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    I have 432 rwhp and am running a textralia. Good for about 600. Little expensive though.

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