Hi Guys, For better or worse i have ordered some Dart 225's to go on the top of my 383 stroker. I am running Comp XR275 cam, Comp 1.85 rockers, Nick Williams 90mm throttle body, LS6 intake, Exhaust is Straight through silencers no cats, and the manifolds are tubular 1 3/4", however they HAD to be built where they could as its tight past the chassis rails, about 20-30" depending where, in length, but cant really be altered. The heads i have just taken off were early LS1 flowed, we cc'd them at 68cc, so the Dart @62cc should pep it up alone. We run 98 RON here so detonation should not be too much worry. TKO 600 close box, 3.08 diff. I have FULLY mappable fuel/ignition system ( Emerald 3D), car weighs 1238Kgs all up. What else could/would be the next step, without going too heavy on the wallet?? PS the 1.85 rockers added 60bhp@6000rpm! before it dropped off too soon.