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what kind of spark plug should i run

This is a discussion on what kind of spark plug should i run within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Mr. Luos You shouldn't feel any performance difference from the TR55 to the iridium TR55. The difference ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Luos View Post
    You shouldn't feel any performance difference from the TR55 to the iridium TR55. The difference is in how long they last.
    Of course...that is if both sets were gapped properly.
    Call me crazy but the Iridiums idled and ran better then the copper TR55's. They were both gapped exactly the same. This was of course pre-cam phase.
    After I noticed the difference I did some research and asked around. I know there are allot of claims but it seems the Iridiums have some valid performance points to them.

    Here is an excerpt that I was directed to at wikipedia.
    "The center electrode is usually the one designed to eject the electrons (the cathode) because it is the hottest (normally) part of the plug; it is easier to emit electrons from a hot surface, because of the same physical laws that increase emissions of vapor from hot surfaces (see Thermionic emission). In addition, electrons are emitted where the electrical field strength is greatest; this is from wherever the radius of curvature of the surface is smallest, i.e. from a sharp point or edge rather than a flat surface (see Corona discharge). It would be easiest to pull electrons from a pointed electrode but a pointed electrode would erode after only a few seconds. Instead, the electrons emit from the sharp edges of the end of the electrode; as these edges erode, the spark becomes weaker and less reliable.
    ... The development of precious metal high temperature electrodes (using metals such as yttrium, iridium, platinum, tungsten, or palladium, as well as the relatively prosaic silver or gold) allows the use of a smaller center wire, which has sharper edges but will not melt or corrode away. The smaller electrode also absorbs less heat from the spark and initial flame energy."

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    I run MSD wires and AC delco iridium plugs.

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    When I had the IX's i had a lot of spark miss, now ive got NGK TR55's and happy but I do change them about once a year after 15K of, hard driving, drag racing and long cruises(hot rod power tour)...oil every five

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    TR55s choice kinda seems simple

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