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What is this exhaust? *56K beware*

This is a discussion on What is this exhaust? *56K beware* within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello got a question I bought my car with this exhaust on it and I'm trying to figure out exactly ...

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    What is this exhaust? *56K beware*

    Hello got a question

    I bought my car with this exhaust on it and I'm trying to figure out exactly what it is. The window sticker (which I have) cites dual exhaust. This is one pipe out the back so it isn't stock I don't think.

    First picture is of driver's side cat (notice flat pipe on this side)

    Second picture is of passenger's side cat (round pipe on this side)

    Third is of the tip and muffler at the back

    Fourth is center line front to back (driver's side flat tube obvious here)

    I eventually plan to put exhaust in but I want to know what this is that's in it. There are no markings or anything.

    One more question.. wtf is this? it looks like a piece of burnt up metal. Do all F-body's have this bar/brace? (This bar travels front to rear under most the whole car after the engine)


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    From the pictures, it appears to be the stock factory exhaust system with a single 3" muffler & tailpipe. The flattened drivers side Y pipe is factory. The muffler & tailpipe may be an aftermarket piece, but I do remember some F-Cars offered with the single 3" tailpipe.

    The brace under the car is your Torque arm. It connects the rear of the transmission to the front of the differential housing. It controls deflection of the rear end and maintains pinion angle. It also (with the Panard Rod) controls side to side (lateral) movement of the rear end. The Torque Arm appears to have a heavy coat of undercoating on it. All 3rd & 4th Gen F-Cars *have this factory torque arm or an aftermarket equivalent.

    *This may not be the case with heavily modded & drag cars with custom suspension work
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    Everything form the cats to the tailpipes look stock.

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    that looks stock as shit.

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