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What is the best exhaust?

This is a discussion on What is the best exhaust? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by MnLS1 for 500, pacesetter lt's, ory and cut-out Thats what im running and its loud. Try a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MnLS1 View Post
    for 500, pacesetter lt's, ory and cut-out
    Thats what im running and its loud.

    Try a cut out its dirt cheap and sounds good with cats, and you can always close it if you want to quite it down.

    Then save a lil more, upgrade to Longtubes and true .02

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    Why doesnt anyone ever talk about hooker aerochamber mufflers....I was always a fan of flowmaster 40 series when I had older model hot rods when I was 16-20 years old, and now im 24 and finally bought an '01 seems so quite until you put it to the floor and im tellin ya you would have to put a big lumpy cam,good heads and everything running good on a stock 350 crate motor to make the power my LS1 makes, it freaks me out....but the exhaust just doesnt sound good at all, ive never heard an LS1 sound good, my buddys all got the loudmouth catbacks and 1 buddy has flowmaster, and the loudmouth is just horrible....I guess im just used to the big cam lope and you cant make a stock LS1 sound too good....I installed a hooker aerochamber on mine and I like it a could be a little louder at ide, but I think thats due to the clogged cats, but when it WOT it gets loud...very smooth and mellow going through the gears puting headers on soon and need to figure out what to do with my cats, I am supposed to have them where i live.

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    hooker would be a good choice. also, LM sounds pretty good on a stock setup. Flowmaster catback is also a nice choice and sounds pretty good on stock cars. They are not horrible like some people make them out to be. they can be restrictive on high HP apps but on a stock step they work and sound great. magnaflow is a nice system, just a bit quiet for most peoples taste.

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    anyone got a gmmg they wanna sell me?

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