Got a buddy thats hookin me up with a used ported weiand intake for practically nothing.(thats all i know about it).He's upgrading to the fast 102mm and just is gonna give it to me) ..just was curious how well it would work with my setup and if it was completely necessary to get retuned..Car dynoed 398.whp 386 tq..heres my setup..ls1, gm hot cam .525" intake and exhaust lift with 219 degree intake duration and 228 degree exhaust duration @ .050", LS7 Springs. ASP Underdrive pulleys. Port/Polished MAF and Throttle Body. Pace Setter Long tube headers, Mufflex Y-pipe,3 all the way to a Plateless Borla. Whisper Lid. MSD superconductors.. just kinda of curious how much hp would gain w/ the ported intake as well..ive heard of somewhere between 15-20hp and 10-15 tq on an unported..Thanks for any info