I just found a handfull of "SLP Performance Parts Inc" invoices in the back of my owners manual...apparently the former owner put on a few more goodies than I knew about.
Having not known what a regular bellows looked like, I had no idea that this was a "smooth bellows". lol I also didn't know I had an underdrive/harmonic balancer......are there any down sides to that? This is my main question..should I feel greatful or fearful of this mod?

I also knew the car had an exhaust...I just didn't know what kind. Now, I see its a "SLP Y-pipe / Dual cat" $ 199.95 and an "exhaust system, dual cat, dual out, dual tip" $599.95
I guess that means I have high flow cats..sweet! Any way of determining which of the SLP catbacks I have on here though....could be loudmouth I, loudmouth II, or one of their "powerflo" systems for all I know. (sounds nice though) It was bought april 16, 2004.