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tune up on 02 ws6

This is a discussion on tune up on 02 ws6 within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey guys i was just wondering if some of you could give me some suggestion. the thing is that i ...

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    tune up on 02 ws6

    hey guys i was just wondering if some of you could give me some suggestion. the thing is that i am getting ready to do a tune up on my ws6 and i was wondering what oil should i use what type of spark plug oh yea and what the easy way of changing the spark plug because this is the fist time that i am doing it sense i only have 2 months with my car i use to do it on my v6 firebird but this thing doesn't have as much room as the v6..

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    I used ACdelco double platinums and would recommend those. May want to get wires too, they can be tough to get off without ruining sometimes. Either AC delco or I have NAPA with headers and have had no problems. I have had bad luck a few times trying to use "performance" wires. Use antisieze on the plug threads and dielectric grease on the boots.

    As far as oil, as long as it is 5w30 it really doesn't matter. I believe synthetics are the best and I use valvaline synpower in my 09 silverado and Kendall synthetic blend in my camaro. I also use fram filters which I know alot of people hate but I have probably installed over a thousand of them and never seen one fail or cause any problems for that matter.

    As far as installing the plugs, there isn't much room but if you remove the coil assemblies and the AIR pipes it frees up a little space. When I did mine I was doing headers so I had alot of room. Someone else may be of more help for that.
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    Oil= Your own Pref. Everyone has there favorite and yada yada, just use a good synthetic.
    Filter, Anything but Fram
    Drivers side plugs are simple, the passenger front three i usualy get from the top and the 4th one i get from under the car with a sparkplug socket and 7/8 rachet wrench instead of socket wrench.
    Some people prefer to remove the coil packs to get the plug from the top.
    First timers usualy take around 2 hours to do plugs, once you get the hang of it you can do it in 20 min.
    I prefer NGK plugs, just make sure you check the gap on all your plugs befor instailing.
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    Change your fuel filter as well if it hasn't been changed in the last 10k-15k miles. Removing the coil packs will give you more room to maneuver when changing the plugs as well.

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