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TSP worth it for my setup?

This is a discussion on TSP worth it for my setup? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Looking to *finally* do an exhaust and maybe a Y-pipe. Heard a lot of good things about TSP's cat-back, but ...

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    TSP worth it for my setup?

    Looking to *finally* do an exhaust and maybe a Y-pipe. Heard a lot of good things about TSP's cat-back, but upon some investigation found there was a rasp issue with some setups and was wondering if it would be the best-choice for me.

    Setup is: CAI, Lid, bellows, Ported TB, stock intake manifold, and complete stock exhaust system. I know a lot of folks tend to shy away from SLP systems due to rasp issues. I'd like a deep throaty sound without mothers bringing their kids inside when I drive by at 25 MPH, but still prominent enough at Idle to say 'think twice before you ask me to dance'. I currently have no plans to do headers, and even if I do eventually decide to add them, I don't want them to be part of the consideration at this time.

    Thoughts, comments? Good bang-for-the-buck? Would love to hear from both sides of the fence. If I do go with TSP, opt for the Y-pipe also? Actually, opt for the Y-pipe regardless of cat-back if for no other reason than to get rid of the flat stocker?


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    If you aren't doing headers now then the only Y-pipe option that still bolts up to the stock manifolds is one that deletes the cats. That's all that I'm aware of anyway. It was made by SLP at one time, and I believe Mac also made one. I haven't seen them in quite a long time though, not sure if they are still made. I had one that I experimented with a few years ago, and found no gains out of it. I ended up selling it.

    Best bet would be to just install a catback of your choice, and wait until you are ready to do headers,,,,then do the headers and a Y-pipe at that time, either cat or catless, your choice. Otherwise you are going to be spending money for a Y-pipe that fits stock manifolds and not be able to use it when headers come along anyway.

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