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Tries to start

This is a discussion on Tries to start within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I put a new battery in. It tries to start but won't turn over. Is it the fuel pump or ...

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    Tries to start

    I put a new battery in. It tries to start but won't turn over. Is it the fuel pump or filter or both? New fuel in it. Has sat for 5 years and never started... Check my recent posts and you'll know why. Any help is appreciated!

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    Just to clarify... It's sat for 5 yrs...was it stored properly? Meaning ALL fluids drained? Does the crank turn over easy?

    If no, get ready for some maintenance.

    You fuel system is going to be the biggest issue. Fuel in the lines and injectors could have turned to jelly. If fuel left in the tank and system, depending on how much it could be jelled or varnish. You'll can disconnect the fuel filter and turn key over to see if any fluid moves from the tank. I say fluid because if it's the same gas as 5 yrs ago it's no longer gas.

    Can you hear the fuel pump engage when you turn the key on? You may need to have some one turn the key while you listen for the pump.

    Next get a fuel pressure gauge. On the drivers side of the fuel rail there is a schrader valve. Hook it up and turn the key to on. There should holding be around 56 psi. If not or if the pressure bleeds off you have 2 issues here. No 56 psi = clog lines, filter, or pump. Pressure bleeds off = the plastic pickup line from the pump to the top of the pump harness is cracked. Now if you have pressure and no start = fuel or injectors.

    Regarding the rest of the car: need to drain and replace all. Oil & coolant have long expired and WILL cause damage to the engine/transmission & rear if you start running around.

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    Yikes. As suggested, check your fuel pressure at the rail. You may have a bit of a mess if things gummed up on you though.

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    +1 on the fuel flush. If the engine is spinning but not actually trying to start, check the ignition relay. Mine and at least two others that I know went bad. You can waste an amazing amount of time chasing other problems and not ever thinking of the relay.

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