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Tried to fix P0430, got a fist full of new codes instead!

This is a discussion on Tried to fix P0430, got a fist full of new codes instead! within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; 4:30pm To heck with it - Decided to run the car with three of the four sensors replaced. The SES ...

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    4:30pm To heck with it - Decided to run the car with three of the four sensors replaced. The SES light is out (hopefully not burned out) and the car is running smooth again at speed and at idle. I think I've got it taken care of for now. Next time I go in for a oil change I'll ask the shop for advice on the remaining one.

    Here's a shot of the three I replaced. Pretty rough shape.

    Also, I found out that the specialty socket I ordered with the sensors was basically useless. There's no room to use it anywhere except for the passenger side pre-CAT sensor, and that one was the easiest one to get to. I needed to use a 7/8" wrench on the rest.
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    Just to let everyone know, performing any welding on the exhaust, without removing the O2's will RUIN an O2 Sensor. Dog, your sensors were fried by the welding that was performed. Not ironic that they went out right after they welded your exhaust. Sorry this happened, but had you pulled out the O2 Sensors prior to the welding, the O2's would still be working....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thewilldog View Post
    Working to replace these today.

    11:00am Update - I crawled under the front and I can see the two post-cat sensors pretty well, though the wire harness looks likes is going to be hard to plug/unplug. Also see the sensor on the driver's side manifold, but I can't find the passenger side sensor. Where is it buried? Am I going to have to remove something to get to it?

    12:00pm More Updates - Found all four once I get all the way under the car. What's the trick to unharnessing the plugs? There appears to be a think blue plastic tab that slides into a plastic retaining clip on the wire plug. Do I force that thing out w/ a screw driver? Wondering if I'd then ruin it.

    1:00pm The Saga continues - Screw the plastic retaining tab, no way I can thread it back in. Was able to replace passenger side pre-CAT sensor pretty quickly. Working on driver side. Barely any room to get my hands on it. Finally got it unplugged and unscrewed, but I don't see how I'll be able to screw the new one in. There's just no room to work. Going to skip to the post-CAT sensors first.

    1:30pm Almost there - Got both Pre-CAT sensors changed. Was able to change hands and screw the driver side in blind, lucky. Changed the passenger side post-CAT with very little issue. HOWEVER, the driver side post-CAT wire harness is about 5 inches above a rectangular pan and there's only room enough to get my finger tips to it. I'm not sure how I'm going to get to this one.

    Click for full size

    this is one of the best reasons for LT's. No more issues in getting the O2 sensors. I'm surprised the post cat O@ sensor hasn't tripped the CEL yet. Unless you tuned them out?

    IIRC I broke all the harness holders so I replaced them with zip ties. I also had to reroute them away from the headers too.

    Yeah your O2's were fried. Had the same thing happen when the shop welded a new bung on my headers.

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