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This is a discussion on Touching/Hookers......Headers within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; lol ^^...

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    lol ^^

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    Is the header hitting the back of the k-member? I've seen that happen many times with ill fitting headers. Sometimes a bit of grinding on the flange on the k-member can fix it. Sometimes it's a bit more involved than that.

    Loosen all your clamps on the header/exhaust/catback around the area and start re-aligning everything and take special attention to move the header away from the area it hits. This could be the reason; removing the trans tweaked the exhaust a little bit enough to keep/push the header over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedHot99T/A View Post
    Alighned in augest no noises has new poly mounts and no pulling but the bolts under the hood on the strut tower on both sides there are little rubber nipples coming up through a hole and they arnt alighned right one is almost dead center the other is not you can barly see it.if you want ill snap a picture
    Interesting they would move one strut so far off.

    Well I can't tell if there's any impact damage to the collector area, did someone maybe get it hung getting off a shop lift?

    I guess it could have moved under heat cycle but that would'nt make for a very good header if it did.. stumped.

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    Hoping you got it resolved by now. But if not...

    Make sure all 6 bolts holding up the K Member are tightened down all the way, also the headers may be getting pulled 1 way or another by the rest of the exhaust. And as already mentioned you could loosen up the headers from the rest of the piping and see if it moves back off.

    It could also be bad/old motor mounts, going poly should take care of any future issues as well.

    Otherwise you could always cut out part of the section that its hitting assuming its on the lip/flat part. I had to do that for my headers unfortunately.

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