Below was posted in another thread (to attempt to avoid members telling me to SEARCH for other post before starting a new one) but thread was closed for being to old. I know someone has to have ran into this with a non-traction control year vehicle.

I took her out for a cruise today, and felt like she just wasnt opening up right. Felt like when I pushed it to the floor it just wasnt fully opening. When I got back to the house I popped the hood and found quite a bit of slack in the cable. (enough that I can pick it up and set it outside of the half circle track its setting in) So I know it needs adjusted, and I head to the computer to see if one of you guys has posted something telling me how and bam I find this thread.

Great easy enough, right.

I run back out to the garage remove my strut towerbrace cause its under the FRC's (so I was thinking) and trace the entire cable to the firewall and its not there. I come back in for a second look and realize the years your discussing has Traction Control. Mine does not, its a 2002 WS-6. I had the TB changed a few months ago but put her up without running her. I'm sure this is what I need to do.

Does anyone know if there is another way to adjust this?? Or am I missing something?? Aftermarket suggestions???