Not sure if this is where this goes (mods can move it if need be), but here's my new issue.

I just bought a new stater after my old one gave up and put it in over the weenend however, when the key is turned to start the car the gear in the starter seems to litterally hit the flex plate rather than line up with it's teeth - thus car isn't starting. I can manually move the torque converter like a tiny bit and it'll start but after I turn it off and try again - same issue. I've tried shiming the starter without any improvment. All the teeth on the flexplate are there without any abnormal wear. It's the stock 153 tooth flex plate and the starter is the correct 11 tooth reduction starter. Could the flex plate be warpped or unballanced? Maybe the torque converter is out of whack? - any idea as to why it won't line up right?