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smooth air below?

This is a discussion on smooth air below? within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey guys, i decided not to go with it, thanks for the info, and just an FYI, when you ahve ...

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    hey guys, i decided not to go with it, thanks for the info, and just an FYI, when you ahve 86 posts, i wouldn't argue with 2 guys with over 1500!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redls1bird
    hey, if your so worried about what others think or say that you need to be rude or hostile towards them, i feel sorry for you. if you were confused by my use or misuse of quotation marks, again, i am sorry. if i was going to imply that what you said was bs, then i would have put your whole statement in quotes.
    If you think I was rude to you...then I apologize, I wasn't trying to be. There's been a lot of trolls around here lately...kinda hard to see who's sincere and who's pullin your chain just for kicks. BTW...that's a nice bird ya got there

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