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SLP lid fits like crap. Questions ....

This is a discussion on SLP lid fits like crap. Questions .... within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by 5abivt Yeah I'm probably going to install the stock assembly back on soon. The bellow is a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5abivt View Post
    Yeah I'm probably going to install the stock assembly back on soon. The bellow is a 0 gain. The Lid I'm still skeptical of a 1 hp gain tbh. I wish i could dyno it for results there is one close to me but I'm not dropping that kind of coin just for lid results.

    Anyone want to chip in for a back to back Dyno comparison?? I can make a vid and take tons of excellent pics lol ! I should setup a paypal fund for dyno results
    Just take it with you to the drag strip. That's what I did. Easy swap in the pits.

    Just a heads up though, I couldn't tell much of anything after a lid swap when my car was otherwise a bone stocker. Being an SS with a fresh air setup I expected more. My MPH really never varied much after several runs.

    What I found made a difference on mine is the free ram air mod. After that I picked up a solid 1 mph. I could duct tape it shut and slow the car back down.

    Where I think most gains would be seen is if other mods were done to the car such as exhaust, camshaft etc....where you could take advantage of the freed up intake track.

    On the smooth bellow debate, some people just don't like it because they have fitment issues. I don't believe any of those people have concrete evidence of the bellow not producing gains.
    Although it would be small and hard to measure, but anytime you can decrease the turbulance in the air intake track it should make more power, hence the reason we all change the lid. That factory accordian piece creates tubulance plain and simple. But probably not enough to matter on a mild performing bolt on car.

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    I was reading the write up and install of the SSRA and the performance gains at the higher speeds is whats going to make me buy that as well to go along with my SLP lid. Ive installed the SLP lid and smooth bellow on my past LS1 as well never had an issue with fitment just used hot water before i did anything to get things to fit better. I think with the LT's install and the intake mods they will compliment each other well.
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